Well Hello, Crate and Barrel! (and your Camille wineglass, featured on Scandal, at 20% off)

I believe:

  1. Men and women are of equal value
  2. Living with integrity is the highest goal

This is why it pains me to admit that I watch Scandal.

Scandal is about a woman who lies. She rigged a federal election (!), and we’re supposed to identify with her because she a) has big eyes, b) feels really bad about it, and c) only did it because she had was in love with the candidate, who is a) married and b) mean to his wife. Gross.

Still, every week, I watch the show. I tell myself it’s just entertainment. On some level I wonder if I watch it because I have a misogynistic streak. On another, I wonder if I’m more superficial than I’d thought. Because the most joy I get from the show is her wardrobe.

Beyond the wardrobe, I love her wineglasses:

I liked them enough to do some digging – they’re the Camille glass, from Crate and Barrel.

And, unlike this gorgeous coat:

Olivia Pope burberry white trench

I can afford a Crate and Barrel wineglass.

This week, I got an email:

Crate and Barrel wine glass discount, 20% off

20% off  wine glasses at Crate and Barrel*. Now until November 11, 2013.

Today after work, I dragged a friend. Thanks to the internet, I wasn’t sure if I was more interested in Olivia Pope’s glasses, or in the Oregon tulip. Luckily, Crate and Barrel had a selection:

Crate and Barrel wine glass selection

It was almost like flirting: I made Tessa circle the store before even looking at the glassware. And when I (finally) did, there was considerable debate. On the one hand, how fun would it be to watch Scandal while drinking out of the same glass? On the other, I hate hand-washing.

I was overwhelmed at the commitment: what if I decided I wanted a more feminine glass? What if I wanted something more modern? Which glass would better match my cutlery? Am I a fool to only accept a 20% savings?

I ended up with one of each, so I could ponder a little longer. Tess ended up with two of the Camille, which are as modern and clean as she is.

Next week, I’m watching Scandal with the same glass. I’ll let you know if the wine tastes any better.

*No, this is not a sponsored post. If my brand new, $10 cup breaks, I’ll be choked.

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